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My name is Fred Hijzen.
My interest in the interface between music and mathematics derives from the fact that both subjects have determined my life. My life as a teacher of mathematics (I was born in 1951 in the Netherlands, now retired) has always known another aspect: that of a classical guitarist.
I have always had the privilege to teach as well as to make music. And I think: once a teacher, always a teacher. Building a site like this enables me to reach a lot of people. For me it is sufficient when a person likes to read about mathematics in daily life, I have no other aim.
Dutch readers are advised to go to
For this site - as well as a few others I have built - I used Joomla! as core. I chose this software because I strongly prefer open source applications.
So, enjoy browsing, and please do not hesitate to send me a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fred Hijzen